Global Obligations VISION, MISSION, VALUES

Global Obligations'  VISION

Global Obligations'’ vision is of a world where all humane individuals, regardless of their means, are able to:

·        live exercising their basic human rights - civil, political, economic, social and cultural;

·        live without thirst, hunger, suffering, ignorance, ill health, oppression;

·        live with freedom and security, comfortably, productively, connected and in peace; and

·        live without unreasonably restricting the opportunities of others, now or in the future.

Global Obligations'  MISSION

Global Obligations' mission is to fulfil our obligations to provide, on a global scale, even when they cannot provide it themselves, to all those willing to accept their obligations in return, regardless of their means:

·        human rights services - civil, political, economic, social and cultural;

·        clean water, nutritious food, adequate shelter & clothing, health services, education;

·        support for democratic participation in the decisions affecting peoples’ lives; and

·        support in their commercial and legal interactions with other organisations.

while at the same time preserving peace and the environment.

Global Obligations'  VALUES

Global Obligations'  values guide our actions to fulfil our mission:

o   humanity - we value those who are humane, who empathize with others, avoid hurt, help where possible, and respect human dignity;

o   diversity - we value all those who are humane, and appreciate differences, and know that insight and understanding can arise in many ways

o   empathy, concern - with the plight of others and their vulnerability;

o   equity, fairness - we share our good fortune, we are grateful for the help we receive, we can see over the horizon and can remember over time;

o   integrity, ethics - we must avoid conflicts of interest with personal goals; we must not seek more than we should receive;

o   truth, honesty, openness, transparency - you can't run this sort of organisation without being open, honest and truthful. It also helps us to focus on the realities;

o   knowledge, insight - we must see through the fog, grasp the light, and  hold it; belief and sincerity is not enough, we must be effective, focussed, real, able to focus on the philosophical, social, commercial and technical issues and solutions, while at the same time be aware of the fallibility of our knowledge and understanding;

o   tolerance, courtesy - we listen to others, respond politely and accept their perspective may be different from ours without impugning their moral worth;

o   universality - we must not be parochial, sexist, ageist, racist, nationalist, bigoted; geography must be totally delinked from ideology and value;

o   pragmatism - to know what we can solve and what we can't, and to restrict ourselves to the former - with such wisdom as we can humbly muster;

o   commitment, persistence, patience - we accept it takes effort and time to achieve personal goals within this organisation and for it to fulfil its mission;

o   prudence - we will not waste personal or shared resources or money, we will preserve the environment, minimise offence to our neighbours;

o   viability, solvency, survivability - money matters: we must live within our means, we cannot give more than our income allows;

o   action - we need to actively seek solutions, not just lament how bad things are;

o   seriousness - we are very serious about this ;-) but you've gotta laugh sometimes.

Please contact us with any observations or comments on the values of the organisation.


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